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Corona poems 3A

Während der Homeschooling Phase haben sich die Schüler*innen der 3A Klasse auch im Englischunterricht mit dem Thema Corona intensiv auseinandergesetzt. So gab es beispielsweise eine Videokonferenz zu eben diesem Thema, bei der die Schüler ihre „2 minute talk about COVID 19“ präsentierten. Ein anderes Mal zeigte sich die 3A Klasse von ihrer kreativen Seite und jeder Schüler verfasste sein ganz persönliches Corona poem. Entstanden sind ganz tolle Beiträge – einige davon können hier bewundert werden.
Rechtzeitig zur Schulöffnung entwarfen die Schüler dann noch leaflets (Flugblätter) mit wichtigen Informationen und Vorschriften!

Rafaela Hubauer

Corona Poem

We bump our Vans,
instead of shaking hands.
We?ll keep our social distance,
and if someone needs assistance,
we help him through the crisis.
Together we´ll defeat the virus!

Now that the earth has corona.
We can?t go to Barcelona.
We stay at home,
and the pope in Rome,
has closed the dome.

We aren’t allowed to go to school.
At first it was fun, but now it isn´t cool.
If this nightmare finally ends
I?ll be glad to see my friends!

Marlena Kirchhofer, 3A

Corona Poem

Corona is the new word
which rules all over the world.
Many people get ill,
time and life seem to stand still,
and politicians,
try to make good decisions.
Everybody gives his best
and tries to save lives of the rest.
About that I am very sad,
but daily also glad,
that my family and I feel well –
that is at the moment the best to tell!

Tobias Parolini, 3A


All over the world there is the corona virus,
many people now listen to the music of Miley Cyrus.
But listening to music is not the only thing people like
they also love riding a bike.
So many people spend this time doing sports
because they can´t play tennis at the usual courts.

I prefer relaxing with my friend Emily
but I can only play UNO with my family.
It can be also a lot of fun
just lying the whole day in the sun.

My brother’s 18th birthday is in the quarantine
so for his birthday we can buy him a book of Warren Dean.
I really want to go back to school
but hanging around with my family is also cool.

Hannah Schweighofer, 3A

Corona Poem

In the morning I do most chores of the day,
that is stressful but okay.
When we have a break,
then we mostly eat the homemade cake.
Lunch is always very good,
because my mother cooks the food.
After lunch we play in the garden or with our cat,
and she sometimes catches a rat.
In the evening we have dinner,
but from unhealthy food we don't get thinner.
I go to bed late at night,
when the moon shines bright.

Vincent Scharinger, 3A

Corona Poem

I am a teen
and I don’t like Covid-19.
You want to know why?
I tell you hereby.
First I thought homeschooling is cool,
but I was a fool.
Studying a lot, I tried to avoid.
But my parents got really annoyed.
All day research in the internet,
soon we will really regret
because our homework will be pretty bad
and the teachers will get really mad.
Emails here and messages there,
this is completely unfair.
I soon get an overload,
to be honest - I would rather be a toad.

Emil Groissböck, 3A